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Great Looking Stories

A Year of Stories


Wow. 2016. What a year it’s been. So many losses. So many seismic political shifts. We’re reeling. Read this.

Latest Five Dials. Now live. And free!


We are very delighted to have helped make the latest Five Dials issue 39: Don’t Go Too Soon. Read this.

Welcome to All This Rotting, a book that loses its mind.


We’ve been talking to writer Alan Trotter for a little while now about working on something together, long enough in fact for Alan to start and finish a PhD and to move from Brixton to Scotland with a bit of Washington DC in between. Alan’s short fiction has been published by McSweeney’s and we’re incredibly happy to be launching his new book All This Rotting today, a book that literally loses its mind. Read this.

We have a new website. Oh boy.


We feel like we've had a case of growing pains. Over the last year or so it began to dawn on us that the website we had no longer reflected what we do and who we are six years after our launch. Read this.

Editions At Play. Oh yes. We're live.


We are triple launching today: our new adventure Editions At Play, a digital bookstore for books that cannot be printed, made in attached-by-the-hip partnership with the brilliant team of Googlers at Google Creative Lab in Sydney is live as of today. Read this.

See You On the Other Side


2015 has been our year of collaborations: from Tree of Codes being made into a wholly new thing in the shape of a contemporary ballet by Wayne McGregor; to our just-wrapped-up Bedtime Stories at Ace with Ace Hotel in London and LA. Read this.

Our Don Quixote is Here


It’s been a long journey. That’s for sure. We’ve been to La Mancha and back with photographer Jacob Robinson, we’ve lost ourselves in 936 pages of lush design with Fraser Muggeridge Studio. Read this.

Pre-order your Don Quixote. Now.


Ridiculous and very long and completely overly ambitious, and only made possible with the help of our Kickstarter supporters (thank you all of you), and heaps of patience (thank you universe). Read this.

Writers in Residence: A Short Film


The books – by the very great Geoff Dyer, Douglas Coupland and Liaquat Ahamed – take us into and behind places, because, as the series’s creator Alain de Botton puts it, “There are many places in the modern world that we do not understand, because we cannot get inside them.” Read this.

Landed: Editions At Play


We’re whooping with excitement and we’ll be honest, we’re holding our breath with nerves too, as we send Editions At Play out into the real-ish world in the shape of a landing page. Read this.

Bedtime Stories in Downtown LA


Following the London launch in Shoreditch’s twilight hours a few months back, our Bedtime Stories with Ace Hotel launched its West Coast stories in gorgeous sunset from the rooftop of Downtown LA. Read this.

Tree of Codes: The Ballet


Making Jonathan Safran Foer’s vision a reality four years ago, with the help of the incredibly talented Sara De Bondt, not to mention the only printers in the world who would do it, Die Keure in Belgium, and Jon Gray’s cover design, has been a big emotional part of Visual Editions: a benchmark for how far we, through the collective creative power of ambition and can-do-ness, can push the boundaries of how we read and what a book as an object can be. Read this.

In Bed with Ace: London Launch


The menu of cocktails were flowing (and we’re pretty sure they got stronger throughout the night thanks to Bulliet). Read this.

Bedtime Stories on Ace Hotel Radios


From raunchy escapades to claustrophobic fantasies to a story about a dog, Bedtime Stories will be recorded in Ace Hotel bedrooms and live on a dedicated Ace Hotel in-room radio from 1 July. Read this.

Cyclone Sydney


We really do mean it when we say the team (headed up by the very wonderful Tom Uglow) are passionate, committed, super smart and amazingly humble and we’re all feeling very excited (and a little nervous too) about this great new Editions at Play space we’re building together. Read this.

Editions at Play


Here’s the low down. Editions at Play is the brainchild of Visual Editions and Google’s Creative Lab. There will be a sprawling Library of Possibilities and the books we make will be distributed by Google Play Books. We’re aiming for (at least some of it) to launch later this year, in the Autumn. Read this.

Don Quixote: Here We Go!


We’ve been a little quiet on the surface lately. But super busy underneath it all. We kicked off February with fantastic news from Arts Council that they are supporting us in the making of our re-imagined Don Quixote. Read this.

We're Having a Sale!


So get in there, get those sweet goodies wrapped in candy bag stripes for a change. Read this.

Happy Holidays from Visual Editions


We’re back in the Visual Editions HQ on 5th January 2015. We’ll be sending books out all this week from our warehouse, and we’ll probably also sneak in the occasional email check after this week. So please bear with us if we take a bit longer getting back to you than usual.

Thank you for all your support this year. Happy holidays and here’s to a fantastic new year. Read this.

Tree of Codes "Hurt Shroud": Going Going Gone


We got a call last week from our American distributors. And they told us they have been storing copies of Tree of Codes in what they call a “hurt shroud”. A place we can only describe as a place where books go when they are slightly damaged before they are pulped. And we asked for these hurt copies to be sent (SAVED!) to our London office before their imminent warehouse death in Jackson, Tennessee. Read this.