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Breathe by Kate Pullinger

The latest release from our experimental digital book space collaboration, Editions At Play, Breathe is a ghost story that comes to you. It knows where you are, it can see your bedroom and it’s our first ever young-adult book, written by Kate Pullinger.

A Universe Explodes by Tea Uglow

A Universe Explodes by Tea Uglow is a story of a parent whose world gradually falls apart. A Universe Explodes is also a blockchain book which means it is owned by a collective of people who, through blockchain which works much like a library card ledger, who progressively reduce the book to a single word per page.

All This Rotting by Alan Trotter

All This Rotting is an unstable story about an unstable mind, it is a story about deaths: one sudden and violent, one slow and incremental. It’s a story about loss — of a daughter, a sister, a child’s feet, of a man’s mind. Approach All This Rotting carefully, because like the story, it is very fragile.

Seed by Joanna Walsh

Seed is a digital story that grows and decays, written by award-winning British author Joanna Walsh. The book uses a sprawling digitally-native canvas to steer the reader through their own unique reading of the book.

Entrances & Exits by Reif Larsen

Entrances & Exits by Reif Larsen, one of our Editions At Play launch titles, is a Borgesian love story told through Google Street View, in which the narrator discovers a mysterious key in an abandoned bookshop and gradually learns of its power to open and close doors around the world.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs by Joe Dunthorne and Sam Riviere

Our other Editions At Play launch title, The Truth About Cats & Dogs is an unprintable book that takes sides by rivalling Joe Dunthorne and Sam Riviere. The book allows you to switch between their diaries, their poems, their private resentments and public enthusiasms. Though there is no right way to read the story, you’ll soon see that someone must have the last word.