Visual Editions

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The Fir Tree | COS

Our first ever multi-sensory story experience for COS, the brilliantly collaborative art and design inspired Swedish fashion brand, is a series of unfolding holiday story encounters in COS stores across Europe and online.

Issuu Stories | Issuu

Our latest project for Issuu, the completely awesome digital magazine publishing platform based in Palo Alto and Copenhagen, looked at what’s possible when you bring magazine content and storytelling together with Instagram Stories. | Good Brands

Ning Li, one of the founders of, asked us to help with the articulation of the founding story and product narrative for his new industry disruption., an online skin care brand and the first step from Paris-based Good Brands to fix a broken consumer industry.

Brand Story | Kindred Agency

London-based agency Kindred, came to us to find a way to reposition their brand story in a way that combines having two decades worth of experience while remaining relevant, fully integrated and creating communication work with great social impact.

Editions At Play | Google Creative Labs

Editions At Play, is a free experimental place created between us and Google Creative Labs in Sydney, where everyone can explore delightful books on mobile phones powered by the magic of the internet.

Bedtime Stories | Ace Hotel Group

Our Bedtime Stories at Ace Hotel Group, a cross continental project in London and Los Angeles explore bedtime stories for grownups experienced on guest hotel radios.

Driving Story | Mercedes-Benz

The Shape of Clouds, a dynamic driving story for Mercedes-Benz put readers in the driving seat by making a digital story that responds, adapts and moulds to each reader’s unique environment.

Brand Story Books | WeTransfer

Our Doubt, Time, Magic books, a set of three books made for WeTransfer, explore the creative state to show rather than tell how the brand appreciates and understands creative excellence and their audiences.

Five Dials | Penguin Random House

Online literary powerhouse Five Dials joins forces with Rough Trade Books for the launch of their Europe issue—an examination of where we’re going and where we’ve been—and we are delighted to steer all creative direction for it.

Emerging Formats | British Library

We’ve been invited to work with the fine people at The British Library to explore what it means to preserve digital publications for future audiences.