Visual Editions

Great Looking Stories

Google ZOO X Mercedes-Benz

Demonstrating innovation through dynamic storytelling that is reader-tailored, forms the bedrock of our latest partnership, The Shape of Clouds, with Google ZOO, Gruppo Roncaglia and Mercedes-Benz in Italy.


We helped WeTransfer create context around what their mission of “creative flow” stands for, in a way that is give-away-able and a delicious chance to show rather than tell how they appreciate and understand creative excellence. The result is a set of three pop candy books, each one on a different creative state. Welcome Doubt. Magic. Time.

Google Creative Labs

Collaborating with Google Creative Labs over the last few years, we have been talking about ways to bridge the gap between the magic of the internet on the one hand and straight PDFs passing off as digital books on the other. The outcome is Editions At Play, a place for books powered by the magic of the internet, that champions delightful reading experiences you can read on your phone.

Penguin Random House

Championing some of the greatest writers in the world, we are delighted to have been invited to creatively direct some of Five Dials’ issues. Beginning with Susan Sontag’s Be Bold! Be Bold! Be Bold! commencement speech, shared with all Five Dials readers in January 2016 and most recently Issue 39 Don’t Go Too Soon with more in the pipeline.

Ace Hotel Group

Partnering up with the Ace Hotel Group was a great opportunity to create surprising reading experiences for hotel guests in a way that champions what Ace passionately stand by: working with brilliant local talent, being culturally innovative, creating unique experiences. And what better way to do that than going to bed with Ace.