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A new VE in the making

Call us crazy, but we’ve always thought that contracts (most contracts we’ve seen at least) are such a let down. They’re usually drawn up in Microsoft Word, printed out onto standard white A4 sheets and all the energy goes into the legalities, but not much else. And it makes them feel pretty drab and very uneventful.

But here’s the thing, if you think about it: contracts aren’t uneventful at all. They’re quite the opposite. They’re ceremonious. They’re saying, “Here we go. Let’s do something amazing together.” So it only seems logical for them to look that way, too.

Which is why we asked our lovely intern, Lisa Finch, to design something special for our next author. And here’s what she’s done: hand-sewn, hand-made crafted contracts complete with their own little orange slip-cases.

We promise to tell you who the contract’s actually with, as soon as that ink’s dried. But for now, we wanted to share some of that giddiness with you.

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