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A Year of Stories

Wow. 2016. What a year it’s been. So many losses. So many seismic political shifts. We’re reeling.

We’ve been thinking that now is a good time to look forward to the holidays, to spread as much joy and lightness as we can. And amidst all the shock, it’s also been a year of working with incredibly talented people: of all genders, of all shapes and sizes and from so many corners of the world. And we are truly grateful for that.

We have helped champion the creative thinking for the brilliant team behind Five Dials. First with their reissue of Susan Sontag’s commencement speech, more true than ever, calling on us all to Be Bold Be Bold Be Bold in a time of chaos. We also helped steer delightful new visual storytelling for issue 39, issue 40 on democracy and on the forthcoming Dutch issue 41.

We’ve been running with the fantastic team at WeTransfer and the beautiful Studio Frith on a triumvirate of books– we cannot wait to show and tell you more about in the new year.

We’ve been leaping around the streets of Italy, virtually at least, with Google Zoo and Mercedes-Benz to create a dynamic digital driving story written by Gianrico Carofiglio.

And we are beyond excited to be knee deep in the final phase of our next two Editions At Play books. Made with Google Creative Lab in Sydney and out early next year, these books feature some magical constellations by Tea Uglow, with Impossible doing impossible things with technology, in A Universe Explodes. And a new story written by Joanna Walsh with illustrations by Charlotte Hicks telling the sinister, twisted and beautifully decaying Seed.

Thank. You. Readers. For supporting us and all the stories we help make. And thank you to everyone we have worked with this last year to make more beautiful things and push more creative possibilities and offer maybe a little respite to everything else happening around us.

With Love

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