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Are You Changing the World, Mama?

And it got us thinking: can you change the world by publishing books? Can you change the world by helping to produce and spread: great literature, culturally relevant writing, crafted and considered design and ground-breaking innovation?

We get it. Making books, even if that means re-inventing the book, doesn’t change the world in the way that say, the Morph folding wheelchair by Vitamins Design does. A wheelchair that folds and allows for greater user independence and accessibility. Wow.

But, the fact that our fourth book, Kapow! by Adam Thirlwell, designed by Studio Frith has been nominated alongside The Morph as part of The Design Museum’s Designs of the Year makes us proud.

“Sweetheart, we’re working on how we can change the world,” was the honest-ish answer.

The more honest answer is this: We’re trying our damnedest to produce beautifully designed cultural objects that are keepable not throw away, objects that have a culturally relevant point of view (which, for Kapow!’, is writing about and showing the dizzying Arab Spring) and while that might impact differently to the Morph wheelchair, it impacts nonetheless.

So we’ll keep working on the world changing ambitions, but for now, we’ll take The Design Museum’s word for it: “Intelligent, challenging and fun. And great looking too.”

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PS To help spread the fun and challenging, we’re offering a special Design of the Year Kapow! price of £10, while stocks last.