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We’re super chuffed with it all, but it’s meant a helluva back log to sift through. We’re also starting to get ready to put posters up for sale on the website. More on that super soon.

So while the snow was falling in London and books were quickly selling out, Anna was in California chilling out at The Standard Hotel in downtown LA admiring the naff 70s organ on show and popped into the brilliant 826 Valencia community writers’ centre in San Francisco, too. Britt hung out with her family in more snow in Denmark and loaded up on one too many dumplings, smiling all the way.

We’re full of energy and new ideas (more books, some films too and you, know, some general mayhem) for 2011 and can’t wait to share it all with you. And even promise to be more organised, too. Seriously.

Anna + Britt