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Changing Landscapes

So, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at what the guys at Universal Everything have been working on. The backs of every single page in the book will have a unique, computer generated text based artwork on it. Giving each back page it’s very own typographic landscapem using the narrative from the fronts of the pages. Yum! We’ll tell you more, how, and why in a few weeks. But it’s fitting for a book first published in the 60s, the first ever book in a box where the narrative is contained on loose pages you can shuffle in whichever order you want. Begging the question what makes a book a book at a time when all we do is shuffle, scroll and click, changing our own landscapes on and off the screen.

On the home front, we’ve seen our own little landscape change too. Our brilliant studio manager, Gemma, got poached by the guys at Damien Hirst’s studio. We’re super proud of her, but also sad to see her go. The gorgeous and self-proclaimed “amazing cook”, Elsa Beckmann, started with us this week. Elsa made home-made caramel for us as a thank you on her first day. We’re feeling pretty spoilt already. One of the first things we’ve asked her to do is to help us find a new studio space, one where we can finally find space for that long wooden table we’ve always dreamt of having.

So bring on all the new landscapes: new books, a new space, new people. And caramel too.