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Composition No. 1 Pre-order button well and truly ready for action

All we’re waiting for is that ‘official’ proper publication date of 11th August.

And we were talking about it all yesterday, and realised it suddenly felt too proper, too organised, all focused on one date, when really it’s nothing more than a collection of talented people coming together for the fairly long term event of celebrating a brilliant book from the 60s, which, we think, is now more relevant than ever.

So really, we thought bollocks to the planning, let’s get on with the doing.

The book is now live to pre-order and copies will be with you a week from now (beautifully wrapped in its very own wrapping paper). So go on, go get it, even before the film shows you what to do with it :)

And be sure to tell us what you think of it. (It goes without saying we hope you love it.)

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