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Deadline Tears

Truth be told, we love the adrenaline of that hourglass panic and the feeling of very nearly falling off the cliff. Unhealthy? Likely.

But the thing is, it’s also just then, at that falling off, deadline tears point, when some of the best creative thinking and execution actually happens. It’s that last bit of magic, Jonah Lehrer writes about it his book Imagine and it’s also something we talked about at our talk for Typo London, and keep coming back to when we talk deadlines and who-does-what-when with Seonaid MacKay for her new Thump and Other Places app. Or it keeps coming up when we nearly have chickens over whether or not we’ll get those last four contributors in time for our forthcoming book of collected work to let the book and digital space take full flight in production terms come January.

See, we’re straight back to the hen pen again. Panic, deadline tears, magic and all.

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PS. We have Toothpaste for Dinner to thank for the diagram and Alison for knowing to share it with us.