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Filling the Core, Not Just Making More

Vitsoe have been making shelves since the 60s. Correction. Vitsoe have made the same shelving system since 1959, designed by the German industrial design God Dieter Rams. Instead of adding new models, introducing new lines or even bringing out updated designs, these guys have stuck to their guns and thought about new ways of making the same core product relevant to new people in changing contexts.

The idea of sticking to one product for so long and keeping it not only relevant but also successful got us thinking about the book world. It reminded us of something Kevin (one of the great guys at our American distributor) said to us in the suffocating Earls Court heat of this year’s London Book Fair. He said that the way forward in book publishing isn’t about making more more more, it’s actually just the opposite: it’s all about publishing fewer books. We like that.

So here’s to thinking about relevance not re-invention, making fewer but better books and more coffee with the guys at Vitsoe.