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First Look Inside Where You Are


For those of you who loved our new look Tristram Shandy, our tactile experience Tree Of Codes, our delightfully disorientating Composition No. 1, our turnable Kapow!, here is a first peek inside our latest and very nearly on our shores Great Looking Story, with 16 very different maps to make sure we all get fantastically lost.


When you open up, start to unpack these maps, they feel sprawling, tactile, textured, some might even say slightly insane.


So. What. Is. inside?


Chloe Aridjis — Map of a Lost Soul
A short story tracing the footsteps of a lost soul in Mexico City.

Lila Azam Zanganeh — A Map of Six Impossible Things
A fantastical mapping of all things impossible.

Alain de Botton — On the Pleasure of Maps
A historical precis of maps: from the Garden of Eden to Marco Polo.

James Bridle — You Are Here
Cultural, technological and visual mapping of global positioning systems.

Joe Dunthorne — Ghost Pots
Mapping the mess of every writing day.

Geoff Dyer — The Boy Out of Cheltenham
Mapping growing up in Cheltenham: from taking drugs to first jobs and having sex.

Olafur Eliasson — Subtle Nows
Visual and poetic meditations on space.

Sheila Heti/Ted Mineo — How to be Good When You’re Lost
Finding different ways to make hard everyday choices.

Tao Lin — The Lunar Hamsters of 8G-932
It’s 2027 and a group of scientists are rushed to see a network of hamsters working on the moon.

Valeria Luiselli — Swings of Harlem
A map of daily trips to playgrounds around Harlem, with reflections on what it means to be a mother.

Leanne Shapton — Tablescapes
Paintings of objects or “desk still lifes” on her tabletop at the end of every day.

John Simpson —Nature’s Valley
A trip to South Africa as a reminder that GPS’s recommended route isn’t necessarily the “best” one.

Adam Thirlwell — Places I’ve Nearly Been To But Have Not
All the places he would liked to have been to, but hasn’t.

Peter Turchi — Roads Not Taken
Life as a series of What Ifs. What if this had happened. What if that had happened.

Will Wiles — My Atlases
A love letter to the nearly hundred year old Nelson Hand-Atlas.

Denis Wood — The Paper Route Empire
Mapping the joint memories of a group of boys’ newspaper route trails.


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