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Anyway, we got there, with 10 minutes to spare, got equipped with our mics, had a coffee to calm down and gear up. And we talked about the continued relevance of story telling and physicality, and also about the future of content being not just about the output (however much we love it) but as much about how you get to that output and with whom (because then we’ll love it even more).

We ended with a nice photo of Matt Pyke from Universal Everything, because they’re working on our next book which we’re hugely excited about. This is the first time they’ve ever designed a book.

Russell Davies (from Newspaper Club and Oglivy and Mather) was on next, talking about and thinking about to use or not to use screens; then Sanky (All of Us) showed and told and inspired us to think about creating our own happiness and having fun in the process.

We couldn’t stay for the whole day, but heard it was great. Thank you, Will and Alex for asking us to talk, and sorry for being late, we’ll be on time next time ;-)

Britt and Anna