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Happy Holidays!

And then there was Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes. There were times we thought the book wouldn’t see the light of day, but Sara de Bondt and the guys at Die Keure made it all happen and then Erica Wagner from The Times told us she read the book in the bath and it made her cry (no: weep).

We’re taking a little break over Christmas: Anna’s getting some LA sun and Britt’s getting some Danish snow. In the New Year, we’ll be bringing out Saporta’s book in a box, Composition No. 1, which might just end up being more than “just” a box.

We’ll also be coming out with the second edition of Tree of Codes and bring you more videos from the Belgian printers (hopefully no more of paper getting jammed though) and Tree of Codes posters to celebrate more books hitting stores. And we’ve been working on Seonaid MacKay’s eerily dark and beautiful childrens’ stories, designed by the guys at Praline.

Thanks for all your support over the last year.

We’re super excited about what we’re bringing out in the new year. We really hope you like it, too.

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