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Houston, We Have a Cover. Houston, We Have Stopped Falling

Our printer man, Wouter in Belgium, told us a few days ago that the dummy book he was holding in his hand (and scheduled to start printing this week) couldn’t be made. Months of planning and it couldn’t be done. So with manual production becoming a last ditch solution and up against the wire cover nearly killing us, serious mood swings, this week was best summed up with an email from Adam saying “just checking you’ve not checked into the Priory yet.”


Followed by wheeeeeeeeeee.

Because we reckon we’re there. The cover is loved all round. Blue lines are checked. Plates being made. Production under way. On press next week.

Who ever thought a book this giddy to read and great to look at could be this damned tough to make.

We really hope you’ll love it (and definitely not because it was hard to make but because it’s an amazing read).

Bring in the drinks trolley, it’s well and truly Friday.

A + B

PS Oh and that’s not the cover there, just a little peak at the inside. We’ll share cover soon. Promise.