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Kevin, Shirley, Shandy and PayPal

Now what? Well, now, we’re putting finishing touches on a few things on our website. Airside are designing a micro-site for Shandy, complete with a lush animation and With Associates (our genius back-end guys…and gals) are helping us figure out the more complex end of PayPal. Who knew it could be quite that complex.

As it turns out, Jon Gray (from Gray318, who’s designing the cover for our second book, Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer) happens to work in the same building as With Associates. So when we popped by to say hello and started to tell him all about PayPal antics, he smiled and said, “I thought you just clicked on a button to buy books.” To which we said, “Yes, exactly! So did we!”

But fear not, those “coming soon” buttons will soon be replaced with “buy now” buttons and we’ll be opening up those boxes of books before you know it.

Anna and Britt