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Knocking Down Walled Gardens?

Kicking up a lot of that frustration is the fact that we’re in the final iPad app development phase for Seonaid MacKay’s Thump and we’re feeling uneasy about the walled Google playing field we’re not serving (at least not for now). And being forced, through financially controlled markets, to pitch our selling stall (are you Android or Apple?), as opposed to simply producing the best looking screen story we can and let it be available for everyone.

Yeah yeah, we know we can release the Android version once we’ve finished our iPad version (we can’t afford to do both simultaneously, we’re not that big and while world domination is on the agenda, it takes a while to achieve). But come on, in the old retail world it’s the shopping experience and all those add-ons that call for the biggest difference, not a whole range of uniquely tailored products.

So call us naive if you want (it won’t be the first time), but are we being made to feel forced to choose one experience over the other? Surely readers should have both.

Okay. So Thump is coming soon to the App Store. And then soon again to Google Play (when we can afford it).

Here’s to an anarchic new year, one full of breaking down or climbing over plenty of walled gardens.


PS If you fancy reading more, from people more clever than us, check out what @bbhlabs and @tomux had to say as part of their SxSW 2012 talk, Battle for the Future all about open and anarchic vs closed and controlled digital environments.