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Looking For Stupid

The crazy books (difficult as hell to make) the insane app (forcibly infuriating for some) the tote bags that are strong enough to hold 12 bottles of gin (how can quality totes take so long to source?) the mass live reading (the would all 150 Reader Outlouders actually turn up anxiety) the Vitsoe collaboration (how the hell do you do a shop window?) the party in a sex shop (messy on all fronts, especially the cleanup) and the across the board writer/designer collaboration (chicken or egg scenario in eternity).

The thing is not knowing is exciting because it forces you to be creative on all fronts, because you learn shit loads in the process, because you do stuff (hopefully) that’s more original than if you did know to begin with. Otherwise you’re just doing stuff that’s already been done and that would just be stupid.

So, right now we’re looking for stupid. Doing stuff we know nothing about. To keep us away from becoming too knowing, always looking to bring great looking stories in everything we do. And making sure we take our readers with us on that bumpy journey.

That’s the rough plan. To keep our stupid. The rest we honestly don’t know.