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Naughty Excess Here We Come

Style goddess Katie Grand hammered it home for us with her brilliant editor’s letter in this month’s popped-out-gorgeous-looking Love Magazine, proclaiming utter boredom with the nudes, the whites, the neutrals, and a crying out for bright styles and good old clashings of colourful bad taste.

Let’s be honest, our own bad taste has never gone away. What we don’t want to go either is our sense of play and, dare we say it, 90s learn by doing and trashy fuck-ups either.

It’s about not being so considered. It’s about making sure that everything doesn’t always end up looking the same. And it’s about making sure we don’t all end up acting so damned cool that we don’t even get excited anymore.

Time to swig a bit of naughty excess from the 90s? That’s our thinking for sure for the next project beaming away in VE towers, desperately crying out for bright colours, outrageous pairings, and a spray tan and blow-dry thrown in for good measure.

Feeling happy and filthy (no, fluffy) already.

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