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Oh Whatta Ride

And we learned that Summer is a great time for babies, and obviously holidays too. The life of Composition No. 1, in both book and app (our first ever whoop! whoop!) really took off in September. And October. And November, hell, even December.

We had a spread in GQ (no, not that kind, remember the babies). Had crazy fun (and crazy help) with our first ever live reading-out-loud event at the V&A. And our first ever Visual Editions shop via Vitsoe.

And then Kathryn, our studio manager, joined us, too. Hallelujah. Bringing some serious order into our chaos.

We are so very happy, cannot wait to meet more lovely people, hook up more with well known ones, bring out Adam Thirlwell’s book in May (that’s the plan, production permitting) and a few other very exciting surprises beaming away in the VE pipeline.

Happy holidays y’all, illustrated here by the wonderful Verity Keniger. Here’s to another awesome ride in 2012.