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To help with all that thinking, we’ve been turning our gaze outwards and checking out examples of great social design players right now.

We’re finding it nearly impossible to contain our excitement for Jonathan Harris and his quest for all things human in technology, social interaction in the digital sphere, all best embodied in his Twitter bio: “Cards down antennas up”.

And there’s guerrilla librarian John Locke, turning NYC phone booths into small city landscapes with his bookshelves and nick-able books.

Not to mention Web Lab at the Science Museum asking outside viewers to join in and become part of the fun action inside the world online.

They’re all playful, all open, all about inviting people in. And all that social design thinking has inspired us big time and even got us to make something: it’s a little Kapow! 12 second home movie, showing every single page of the book (admittedly really fast, but that was part of the fun).

No, we don’t think you can read the whole book on the screen. Or can you? But really, would it matter if you could, because that wouldn’t make the book any less of a beautifully crafted physical object full of narrative surprises. Just a playfully shared one. Right?

So here’s to sharing. It’s always better that way. (And our mums told us to).

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