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Our Printer Says: "I Have Good News and Bad News"

The good news: our book of 16 individual maps with all their intricate hand-folding can actually be produced (and at an affordable cost). The bad news: the hand-folding department have had a workload melt down and production will be delayed by one month.

Hmmmmm. Not sure if that’s worse than finding out that UK boy band One Direction are bringing out a book and tour in time for the holidays called, yep you guessed it, Where We Are.

Now, we don’t claim to be in any celebrity level league, nor are we talking to the same audience (although B is a closet boy band pop fan), but we’d be damned upset to see any Google searches for our map book ending up lost in a dark hole on page 20 of a Google Search, or quizzically looked at as “One Direction? I didn’t think that was visual writing”.

We’ve had a NASA crisis-panic moment (a polite way of saying “Shit!”) but we’ve got two solutions: a new pub date, 14 November 2013, and a title tweak from Where We Are to Where You Are. We always said it’s all about YOU. And if you lovely lot couldn’t find our next book, then there’d be no we, now would there.

YOU YOU YOU #whereyouare out 14th November, it’s looking good, we’re feeling scared, as it should be, NASA crisis mode and all.

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