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Our trip to Die Keure, Belgium


We just spent a couple of days in Belgium with Wouter of Die Keure, talking through all the production issues of Tree of Codes and seeing it in situ.

The first leg of it all, at least. We’re not going to print until everyone’s happy. We’re still tweaking small things (that are actually quite big) like the copyright page and Jonathan’s afterword.

Wouter started the meeting by saying “we have good news and we have bad news, which do you want first?”. We asked for the bad news first but ended up hearing the good news.

The good news was that they can make the book. They can make the book.

The bad news was that we can’t do it as hardback because of the way books need to rest on what’s called a saddle and the way the spine dries. We learned a lot about binding and different glues today. The gist of it is the die-cuts would rip on the saddle, making it way too risky to go down that route. But you know, we can live with that as long as the book can happen.

Phew phew phew phew phew phew.