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Over-funning it in NY

So we were one of the keynote speakers, the last to speak on Tuesday night. We definitely weren’t as funny as Margaret Atwood who talked about technology from an author’s perspective, or as effortlessly cool as Lonely Planet’s Gus Balbontin (Director of Transformation — what a title!) talking about moving from books to new content platforms. We said most of what we had planned to say, we showed stuff from existing to future books, we talked about the need to think about visual culture and how people read rather than just technology and we talked about always being innovative with and around the book as a necessary cultural object.

We rolled off the stage not quite sure if we’d made any sense but we got some amazing feedback, kisses, contacts and a fantastic stage sketch from Pablo, which we still laugh at and totally adore.

We crammed the rest of our time with 10$ breakfast at the deli across the road, meeting up with old friends over long brunches, having coffee with the fantastic writer/illustrator Lauren Redniss and a lunchtime talk to the super nice design team at Landor.

What a great trip. And so nice to be home again.

Anna + Britt