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PetPunk Presents: Our News In Pics

Putting it bluntly: we don’t like newsletters ourselves. This might not be fair and it may just be showing us up as the impatient and time-poor people we are, but we’ve got this feeling that it’s not just us and that very few people ever bother to read them.

So then we got thinking. When either of us get newsletters, all we do is look at the pictures. And every once in a while, we follow a few links too. So we thought, okay, we’ll do the newsletter thing, but we’ll do it VE style.

Every so often (not as often as every week, but definitely more often than every August and December), we’ll send out a newsletter but we’ll just have images (images that tell you what we’ve been up for the past few months) and each time, we’ll invite a different design studio to design our newsletter for us. Their brief every time will be this: design something that uses the word “newsletter” spelled out in our dingbats.

First up is Lithuanian-based design studio PetPunk, introduced to us on very warm recommendation by Matt Pyke who said “I just love these guys”. And the fun, weird image here is PetPunk’s 3D rendition of the newsletter spelled out in our dingbats.

So there you have it, our very own why-we’re-not-crazy -about-newsletters logic, PetPunk and their crazy 3D dingbat creatures and our very first August news in pictures following on from Thereza Rowe who designed our December one.

We’ll try to make them more regular, but we also promise to always have nice pictures and work with great designers and all their funny, weird, beautiful, unexpected takes on our dingbats.

August, PetPunk, Newsletter. Tell us if you read it or if you just looked.