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Safran Foer's Writing on Our Walls

And they were beautiful. We played around a bit, hiding behind them, in a mix of delirium, 5am Eurostar trains and perma grin. Perma grin because we knew we could actually make this book but there was something else too. These sheets were jaw droppingly stunning: they seemed so fragile and delicate, poetic even, but more than that, like nothing we had ever seen.

A few months later, we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to frame one of those sheets on our studio wall. To remind us of the process, the book’s journey and story, but also as a way to capture some of that poetry in a different way. Then we told Jonathan about them and he said he’d love one for his house, too.

So we thought, why not see what the printer still has and what they’re willing to send us and maybe, just maybe we could sell them too, so that other people could also frame part of the story and put it on their walls. You never know if you don’t ask, right? So, the printer sent us what he had.

The thing is we don’t have very many of them — only 100 large ones and 250 medium sized ones. So we thought we’d make them extra special. Jon Gray designed stamps for them, to tie in with the cover’s typography, we’ve numbered each one and Jonathan has signed each and every single one of them. There’s a picture of him here signing them in his agent’s kitchen in New York. We thought it would be nice for Jonathan to hang 1/100 and we’re keeping 100/100 for our own walls. But the rest, well, the rest are for you guys and for your walls.

Because we don’t have that many and because they’re very big and fragile too, we’ll only be selling them through our site. They’ll go on sale in a couple of weeks and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they’re (and we’re) ready.

We are so excited for you to see.

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