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Ah air for breathing and eyes for looking. Yes. And damn how we all get so caught up in the everyday. So we’ve been coming back up for air and doing some more looking, and we like what we see. There’s some exciting work from some of the amazing people we work with and we felt the need to spread the love. Here goes:


There’s The Workers and their After Dark robots prize winning project for Tate Britain, with robots literally roaming the gallery for everyone to see. After dark.


And Jonathan Safran Foer’s stories on paper cups for food chain Chipotle, together with other writers, because “wouldn’t it be cool to just put some interesting stuff on [cups]. Get high quality writers of different kinds creating texts of different kinds that you just give to customers as a service”.


Universal Everything created what they called Infinity Room, an immersive experience for Microsoft, exploring the power of big data through data analysis tools, in collaboration with journalist Simon Rogers and Roundhouse (Portland).


Douglas Coupland has just opened the first major exhibition of his work as an artist in Vancouver Art Gallery, called in vintage Coupland style, ‘everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything’.

And then there’s this tweet by Joe Dunthorne which had us in stitches, shorthand biography in tone and self depreciation alone, it goes like this:

me: citric acid please
pharmacist: what’s it for?
me: elderflower cordial
her: oh ok. some people use it to make crack
me: now i feel boring

Beautiful stuff.

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