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Surprise visit from APFEL


We had planned to hook up with Alex from It’s Nice That to chat through a few things yesterday and Louise from APFEL stopped by. Lovely as she is, she came with with arms full of Albion cakes and Shandy pages, fresh from the printers.

The good news was the pages looked gorgeous, but there were invariably a few problems. The funny thing is Britt keeps having nightmares that the printer will bind the book in the wrong order. Turns out the pages are still unbound, so we have to wait to see if Britt’s recurring nightmare comes true, but the guys in China mis-printed quite a few pages. Nothing terrible, but they definitely need to be re-done.


We went through them all together and it was this weird combination of oooohing and aahhhing over how incredible it all looked, while still keeping a discerning eye. Alex ended up shedding some great light on it all. He said something like this: It looks really amazing, to be honest, I’d be worried if the book was completely perfect. And of course he’s so right.

We have to wait a little longer while those pages get re-printed. Anna asked Louise to get the printers to send us the mis-prints so we can use them somewhere, somehow.

Who knows, we might end up lining our ceiling with them. I’m sure someone out there can think of something better. Give us a holler if you have any great ideas.