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TedX Talk: Re-inventing the Book

And if we’re honest about the whole experience, the best part without a doubt has been having a reason (an excuse really) to look, dig around and gather our favourite visual and contextual stimuli around the idea of what a book can be. And then be able to bring it all to life and meet and speak with the students and TEDx team at Farnham.

There’s some amazing stuff happening, a wonderful flurry of activity (publishers exploring, writers inventing, designers innovating), so we thought we would share some of what we found, some of the stuff that makes us feel like we’re not the only crazy ones out there.

We think that’s a good thing.


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Credits for Stimuli Here:

The Real Cookbook, published by Gerstenberg Publishing
Alicia Martin
Black Box by Jennifer Egan, published on Twitter by The New Yorker
Atlas by Alida Rosie Sayer
McSweeney’s Issue 36
Building Stories by Chris Ware, published by Pantheon