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The Corporate Athlete Says...

We’re trying to stay sane. Trying hard to keep on top of things like distributor deals and discounts and magazine editors wanting to see books that aren’t ready and banks saying that it’ll take 3 working days before funds clear. But, hey, it’s Friday.

So we’re juggling contracts and business with wrapping books in labels and making love packs for those who need them. Like Vendela Vida at The Believer and Bill Godber at Turnaround (who, in our lovely phone call with him, kept talking about The Crumpled Map).

So, here’s to love packs, crumpled maps, distribution contracts, pink cupcakes that look like they’re made of wax, too much coffee, tweets about sanding floors from the @crazyladywriter and the Corporate Athlete. It’s Friday.

Anna and Britt