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Today is Kapow!

And the date looms as a big whoop whoop deadline early on in the process, the cliff we always very nearly fall off from, because every stage always takes that bit longer than we think.

But the weird thing is, the date is totally arbitrary, ridiculous even. It seems as outdated as the idea of “an exclusive” in an age of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest. We all own it, whatever it is we produce. And we all launch it to our own audiences in our own time. And, in turn, our audiences discover and marvel (or not) whenever they’re ready.

As Adam said when we met the other day and starting talking pub dates: “Well, a pub date is never really about one moment or one place”. And for us, regardless of press, blogs, stores, screen, UK, US, or the world, we chose today as our pub date for Kapow! because it felt doable and it happened to be the same day as Britt’s mum’s birthday.

So, go get our latest great looking story (or order it from us and it’ll come specially wrapped), tell us what you think, send us your pics, and have a look at our new film with Adam and Frith talking brilliantly about both story and process in the back of a London black cab.

Now, where did those celebratory martini glasses go?

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