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And it made us shriek with joy. Really.

The thing is not only do Shingo, Cathy and Mona share an excitement for our books, our ethos and get that our books are designed so that the design is an integral part of the storytelling itself, as opposed to just being decorative. That’s already amazing. But they’re also planning to showcase all of our books, films, posters, and tote bags in a little Visual Editions event they’re hosting in their Tokyo flagship store in May and June this year. Wow.

Who was it that said that fans are the life blood of any creative business? Well, as big time fans of all things Japanese, we’re chuffed to bits that we can count the team on the 6th floor of Tokyo’s Kinokuniya as one of ours.

Thank you Shingo, Cathy, Mona and all. Let’s roll out lots of ideas for showcasing Visual Editions to your Tokyo-base and see if we can earn the fandom of some more in the process.

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PS If you happen to be in Tokyo in May or June, check it out here. And send us some pics too. We’d love that.

Books Kinokuniya – Shinjuku South Store
Foreign Books section on the 6th floor
Takashimaya Times Square
5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Phone: +81-3-5361-3316