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We have a new website. Oh boy.


We feel like we’ve had a case of growing pains. Over the last year or so it began to dawn on us that the website we had no longer reflected what we do and who we are six years after our launch.

So after a handful of years showing mainly blogs and books, we’ve now reframed how we present Visual Editions to better share – bigger and bolder we hope – not just the books we are incredibly proud to publish, but also the partnerships we love to make happen and to bring new kinds of story experiences to. And oh boy, we have some exciting ones (books and partnerships) around the corner we cannot wait to share with you.

Our original alphabet dingbats are still very much there, along with other playful clever things made possible by The Workers’ brilliance and our Leah Cross and Joseph Marshall’s tireless sourcing, saving and tweaking.

So maybe not quite grownup just yet, maybe we’re entering our teenage phase now, slowly growing out of our new born baby phase.

As always, tell us what you think, we love hearing from you.

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