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We like to go out at night, too. Sometimes.

And here’s what I saw: lots of G&T’s (more polite than Mad Men, though), perfectly triangular martini glasses, a big white and orange cake with flower on top, leather arm chairs and pizza, too.

Oh. And readings. By Craig Taylor, who was very very funny (despite being told by an overly eager punter that “it was clear his text hadn’t been edited”) and Zoe Williams who sounded every bit as witty as her Guardian columns and topped it all off by saying she was “too tired” to re-kindle any kind of fourth wave feminism.

There were probably a few too many “it’s the end of the day so I’ll loosen my tie now” looks and the formal bar stools and microphones seemed a tad too staged for my liking, but nice to spend a night at Shoreditch House with people so “into” the idea of talking about books: reading and writing them. A lot better than Facebook’s like button.

— Anna