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What Is it About Book Covers?

Everyone in our little Kapow! bubble that is: the amazing design team over at Studio Frith based over in the picturesque Borough Market, the charming and talented Adam Thirlwell himself, printing maestro (and sometimes unintentionally funny) Wouter from Die Keure, the calm and energetic (in equal measure) PR guru Jessica Jackson and us lot from VE.

And the cover? Well, we thought it was there. We really liked it, Studio Frith liked it, Jess liked it. Wouter didn’t really care to be honest. But Adam did care. And as Frith put it so perfectly after hearing his thoughts: “I think he really hates it”.

And that’s the thing about covers. They need to be loved. By everyone. Not just us, not just designers, not just readers, and journos, but especially by the authors themselves.

Not simply because a lot of us judge a book by its cover and in a lot of ways covers act like mini-posters for books. But more than that because the cover needs to bring the book’s personality to the fore and who knows that personality better than the author. So Adam loves the inside but he hates the cover.

We’ve got one week to crack it as a team and then we hit the absolute production falling-of-the-cliff deadline. Plenty, plenty of time we tell ourselves, we’ve worked as a four-legged team animal for a year now.

And see the thing is there’s no way we’re gonna lose one leg in the final race corner. Because we’ve all got to love it.