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Where We Are


In the week where the run-up to the holiday season feels in full gear and the year end shut down is within reach, we thought it would be nice to raise our glogg filled heads and do a bit of lift-lidding on our new book in a bid to kick into fresh beginnings.

The new book is called Where We Are. It’s a book of maps. Put another way: it’s a book that celebrates getting completely lost.

Where We Are looks at everything that we map. How we don’t just map from a to b, but we map ourselves, we map our days, our thoughts, memories, what we want to mark, save and share. Because today it seems, that most of the time, despite all this mapping, we actually don’t really have a clear sense of where we are.

We have a brilliantly talented mix of writers and thinkers and artists involved. 18 to be precise. And the ink is just about to dry on those 18 contracts. As soon as it does, we’ll be sure to share all those names with you.

Speaking of talent, the brilliant boys at Bibliotheque are busy thinking how the hell we make the book feel beautifully whole, and The Workers are thinking about how we best make the printed work a brilliant screen-based one, too.

So that’s where we are with Where We Are. It’ll be out in 6-9 months time. Now what time is it, and where were we going?

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