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Where You Are IS ON

It’s our first ever collection of writing. It’s our most ambitious feat to date: bringing together so many different voices and amazing talents, each one responding to and expanding on the concept of what a map can be. Each writer, artist, thinker sending us their very own unique personal map.

Made with the support from our friends at Google’s Creative Lab, it reads beautifully. And, designed by Bibliothèque, it looks it too.

Advanced copies from China are nearly at our shores, we’ve just switched on our pre-order button, and the accompanying open access website designed and developed by The Workers will be live in time for our November launch date.

As Will Gompertz put it so well in his introduction to the book: “Its contents delight the mind, it’s composition the senses. Losing myself has been a pleasure.”

We hope you’ll all lose yourselves in the best possible way too. Now, what would your map be?

A + B

PS. Beautiful photographs all by the hugely talented Chris Mosey