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Wiping the Sweat off our Brows

What we do know is that we mostly tried to stay true to our motto of sharing great looking stories with the odd ridiculous, random even, thing thrown in. And we also know that we ended up adding more Twitter followers to Creative Review’s existing Twitter fan base.

For those of you who missed it, or didn’t dare look in case, well in case it all went horribly wrong, here’s some of what we posted:

  • Loving Jennifer Egan’s awesome use of a crappy power point chapter in her new book. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • This George Jensen film makes us smile so much our cheeks ache. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Bed what we miss most on a Monday morning. We haven’t read it yet, but cover is fun. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • So we’re going to the @OrangePrize: what the hell are we supposed to wear? A Chelsy Davy tan? #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • We are in love with this #bookdress @OrangePrize #GuestEd#AnnaBritt
  • The gorgeous APFEL girls designed super sleek identity at just opened Hepworth Gallery #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • When even a chair calls for a good looking story, by @Vitra of course #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Composer Edward Jessen is next up to give @Vitsoe talk #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • New blog by our favourite critic Will Gompertz with a strapline that says it all #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • We wanna go to Hong Kong and see @universaleverything “reinventing itself forever” video wall #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Excited about seeing Pete Doherty lookalike Adam Thirlwell’s upside down pages tomorrow, designed for us by Studio Frith. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Fawning over Su Blackwell’s ornate, hyper-crafted paperwork: #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • While we’re on the “amazing things you can do with paper” theme, check out this paper record player #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • What hard core criticism should be all about. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Writer, artist, film maker @Miranda_July’s The Future’s out in 30 days. Counting down already. #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Before we go, our proofs for Composition No 1 arrive tomorrow, intro’d by Google’s @tomux #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • Thanks for having us in the tweet seat CR. We hope your followers have enjoyed our company… #GuestEd #AnnaBritt
  • …Now back to the reality of making IKEA chairs. Over and out xx #GuestEd #AnnaBritt aka @visualeditions

So, would we do it again? Hell yes. Are we glad our day in their Twitter seat is behind us? Oh yeah. Here’s to a guest editor’s well earned Twitter pint.

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