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Today is our official tadada day for Where You Are. We’ve talked about the maps in their treasure box, all those lovingly produced paper maps. The book in all it’s epic Chinese production is a few days away from physically landing on shelves in shops and hands at home. And there’s another epic something. Live. Today.


Designed by The Workers, pushes the reading experience online, gives each map its own screen based life. Staying true to Bibliotheque’s design vision for the printed book, both are interactive in different ways, with the website as a sociable-dynamic-playful screen twin to the intimate palms-itching-to-dig-in paper one.

b-296 plays with our data, shows us how many readers are viewing, mapping the digital journey of how you got there and who else is reading the maps while you are.

With 16 maps treated individually: some pan like Google maps, some play with the text, others lay contemporary satellite maps over the top of historic ones. All the while making these maps on screen scrollable, infinite, playful and most definitely making sure you stay lost.

A big thank you to The Workers for shifting our comfort zones. To Bibliotheque for curating such beautiful design vision. To our friends at Google’s Creative Labs who helped make it happen. And of course to all the writers, artists, thinkers without whom this beautifully crafted treasure trove and open access website wouldn’t exist.

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