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Be Part of the Journey: Capturing Don Quixote


We’re on Kickstarter. And in Spain. Join us. Read this.

Publishing Bitches

The whole film made us giggle, it made us feel warm inside and it also made us think, Hell Yeah! Publishing bitches is just what we love and just what we need more of. You know, we’re thinking, the kind of publishing bitches than can be brilliant, smart, bitchy, courageous and vulnerable too. Read this.

16 Writers x 16 Maps

Damn it Bibliothèque, you were right about those colours. Read this.

Our Printer Says: "I Have Good News and Bad News"

The good news: our book of 16 individual maps with all their intricate hand-folding can actually be produced (and at an affordable cost). The bad news: the hand-folding department have had a workload melt down and production will be delayed by one month. Read this.

VE Does Don Quixote


We’ve been wanting to do another re-imagined classic for quite a while. Read this.

Mason Wells Mapping Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer popped by Bibliotheque’s studio this morning to make sure his Cheltenham was mapped from memory in the right kind of way, finding just the right kind of mix between precise and ambiguous. And even said to Mason at one point: “You’re geeking out on me now”. Which we liked a lot. Looks like the Google Map team in California are helping out with Geoff’s satellite images and no doubt will help with the geeking out too. Read this.

TedX Talk: Re-inventing the Book

And if we’re honest about the whole experience, the best part without a doubt has been having a reason (an excuse really) to look, dig around and gather our favourite visual and contextual stimuli around the idea of what a book can be. And then be able to bring it all to life and meet and speak with the students and TEDx team at Farnham. Read this.

Prize Winning

“Didn’t that turn out amazing” we say, and we tweet away, and we make stickers to share Adam’s accolades on the book. All because we want as many people to know about it as possible. Read this.

Are You Changing the World, Mama?

And it got us thinking: can you change the world by publishing books? Can you change the world by helping to produce and spread: great literature, culturally relevant writing, crafted and considered design and ground-breaking innovation? Read this.

Push, Shift, Shake: Bookshops as Experience

So we’ve been watching and thinking about how books can be accessed and experienced in public spaces in different ways, how and where physical books can live and what kinds of reading environments we’re opening ourselves up to. Read this.

Mapping Out

The book looks at everything we map. It’s about planting the flag at the crossing over point, looking at how maps are shifting from being about geography to something that’s more like life-mapping. And how, it seems, that our lives are increasingly being guided by stories and information that behave a lot like maps. Read this.

Museum Moment

We’d be totally lying if we said we weren’t proud of our books being admired by, and included as part of, a curated world of ideas and objects. Read this.

Knocking Down Walled Gardens?

Kicking up a lot of that frustration is the fact that we’re in the final iPad app development phase for Seonaid MacKay’s Thump and we’re feeling uneasy about the walled Google playing field we’re not serving (at least not for now). And being forced, through financially controlled markets, to pitch our selling stall (are you Android or Apple?), as opposed to simply producing the best looking screen story we can and let it be available for everyone. Read this.

Wrapping up 2012

This year (our second, whoop whoop), we sent Kapow! into the world, had a party in a Soho sex shop, shifted Thump from paper to screen, planned a map to get you completely lost, and grew our own Førest. Read this.

VE at Forest

VE at Førest marks our second store partnership: finding different ways of bringing our books to life in physical spaces and teasing people to look sideways as they pass the shop windows in their December rush. Read this.

Where We Are


In the week where the run-up to the holiday season feels in full gear and the year end shut down is within reach, we thought it would be nice to raise our glogg filled heads and do a bit of lift-lidding on our new book in a bid to kick into fresh beginnings. Read this.

Deadline Tears

Truth be told, we love the adrenaline of that hourglass panic and the feeling of very nearly falling off the cliff. Unhealthy? Likely. Read this.

Thump: Whoaaaaa, It's an App

The collection’s life started out in print, but not contentedly. The stories simply didn’t want to flourish there, something we only realised when Seonaid came bouncing in with Thump 6 weeks ago with about fifty hand written and drawn story boards on her iPad, and we all shouted “Whoaaaaaa! It’s an app!”. So there. Read this.

Opening and Sharing

To help with all that thinking, we’ve been turning our gaze outwards and checking out examples of great social design players right now. Read this.

Birds Watching Birds

And this Friday and Saturday we’re opening our studio door for people stopping by for Birdwatching’s annual LDF Design Walk as part of their ambition to “connect, support and promote women in graphic design everywhere”. We’re in one crazy maze of a building, so we thought we’d help people find us by stencilling a few of our dingbats here and there. We’re actually not so sure they’ll help anyone find us at all, but we sure had fun spraying them. Read this.