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From the word go, we’ve been super excited about our Writers in Residence set straddling a third place between book and magazine. These titles they’re big, they’re photographically heavy, they’re full of non-fiction long form writing, they’re timely in subject and they’re all about making us think about the world we live in. So where better than the sticky roof tops of Soho’s Wardour Street News to holler that excitement from?


It’s, as we see it, one of the best news agent around. And we’ve filled one their windows, below the Creative Review awning with the three Writers in Residence titles, and said to hell with conventions, this is about trying out new forms of writing, new ways of peaking and new ways of talking about Douglas Coupland flying into town for next week’s official publication date of his funny, on the ball writing matched up with Olivia Arthur eye-opening photography on the home of internet as we know it.


Kitten Clone, inside Alcatel-Lucent is here. And it’s time to toast those Kittens.

Happy weekend news reading.