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Dear Readers


“A beautiful calamity” is what Tom Uglow said when we told him we had completely sold out of Where You Are over the holidays. Oh. And running out of stock of Tree of Codes and Tristram Shandy All. At. The. Same. Time. One reader emailed us, understandably tired of having to wait 3 weeks for their copy of Where You Are to arrive and said this: “Don’t you care about your readers?!” Oh yes we do. We do we do we do we DO.


You readers are the reason we publish books at all. You readers are the very lifeblood of our business. You are Visual Editions because without you we would be nothing but an exercise in making books as cultural objects. A) we’re not interested in the idea of publishing as an exercise and B) we’re not rich enough to even if we wanted to.

But beautiful calamity holiday season it was, and we’re sorry if you had to wait longer than you had hoped or if your copy got lost in the post. Rest assured, post December calm is here, at least in terms of the postal services, and more books have arrived from China (we visited our distributor’s warehouse this morning and the boxes have arrived, Where You Are is back in stock, and any late orders or replacement books to lost orders are going out as we write). Shandy and Tree of Codes are still in the printing pipeline.

Thank you all for your good natured patience, waiting for your lovingly printed, folded, stitched, wrapped books. We’ll keep improving as long as you keep caring. And try as we might, we doubt we’ll ever totally know how to avoid calamities, especially the beautiful ones.

Happy 2014 to you all and thank you for your support and (sometimes extra) patience.

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