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Generation X, Sorry about that


We’re THIS close to sending out and showing off in mass-scale the brilliantly playful and thought provoking third title in our Writers in Residence set: Douglas Coupland’s Kitten Clone. With poptastic photography by Olivia Arthur, Kitten Clone looks inside Alcatel-Lucent.


Alcatel is the home of the Internet as we know it, best captured by Coupland in last week’s FT Magazine mega-spread: “Where did the future of the future go? It went thataway…”.


Each book in our Writers in Residence set marries literary giants with world class Magnum photographers, and together they go to otherwise very closed, very big places. The series is about peaking behind doors and looking in. We’ve been let inside aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush with Another Great Day At Sea by Geoff Dyer in May and the IMF with Money and Tough Love in July, and now inside the home of the Internet.


Writers in Residence as a series is about looking, knowing, and thinking. It’s also about collapsing boundaries between long form journalism and non-fiction, finding a third way between a book and magazine to reveal stories and places as they’ve never been seen before.

And Kitten Clone with Coupland’s famously cultural barometer language (“Is there anything in our culture quite so deserving of scorn as recently outmoded technology?”), coupled with Arthurs’s jaw droppingly insightful photographs, does just that.

Go get it. We love it. And hope you will too.

You can buy it here. And in the best bookstores across the globe. And if you’re in London we have a treat in place for you with Douglas Coupland at LRB Bookshop and RSA both on the 23rd September, Whitechapel Gallery on the 27th September, and the complete Writers in Residence set spread out in all its glory in Soho’s Wardour Street Newsagent windows from the 18th-24th.

Kitten Clone. Out 24th September 2014.