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Happy Holidays from Visual Editions


3-in-1: Toast Those Kittens

Douglas Coupland wrote about the plumbers of the internet in Kitten Clone with photography by Olivia Arthur, Geoff Dyer wrote about the biggest aircraft carrier in the world above and below deck with Chris Steel-Perkins’ photographs, and Liaquat Ahamed wrote about missions and Chanel suits that make up the IMF in Money and Tough Love. We called the Writers in Residence series a third space between a book and a magazine, single subject photo heavy and long form at a time when we’re not. It comes beautifully wrapped as a set of three, each book designed by Jeremy Leslie, the magazine lover’s magazine designer. Go get a set. We love them. And so will you.


Close to Extinction: Get Lost in Maps

Our production bonanza that was the totally unique book box of maps, Where You Are, designed to make you feel completely lost, is very nearly out of stock. Launched a year ago, 16 writers, thinkers and artists each gave their own vision of what a map can be. A curated box, designed by the illustrious Bibliotheque. We have less than 20 books left, and then we have no more, so here is your chance.


Tree of Codes: To the Rescue
Tree of Codes copies came and went in a blur last week with copies from the dramatic sounding Hurt Shroud discovered in Tennessee, and shared amongst waiting listers and patient fans. All the copies have now gone, but with the book featuring as a contemporary ballet in the Manchester International Festival next year, watch this space for its return and get your names down here for more copies being produced in 2015.


We’re back in the Visual Editions HQ on 5th January 2015. We’ll be sending books out all this week from our warehouse, and we’ll probably also sneak in the occasional email check after this week. So please bear with us if we take a bit longer getting back to you than usual.

Thank you for all your support this year. Happy holidays and here’s to a fantastic new year.

With much love

PS A very warm and heartfelt thank you to the super talented Rosa Nussbaum for our festive dingbats this year and for showering her desk in icing sugar.