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Landed: Editions At Play


We’re whooping with excitement and we’ll be honest, we’re holding our breath with nerves too, as we send Editions At Play out into the real-ish world in the shape of a landing page. We thought it was about time we stopped talking and instead started showing what this thing is, this bookshop of ours for books that cannot be printed.

And while a part of us would love to say “scroll there!” and “press that” and “do this” or “hang on, you missed that.” But then we wouldn’t be sending it out into the world would we. So try it out, have a play, tell us what you think, sign up for October launch if you like what you see*.


Oh, and no it won’t work beautifully on every single device.

It’s the internet after all. And some people are sitting at their desks as they read this, while others might be reading while walking.

We will tell you that it was designed and built to work on your mobile phone. Because we love the idea of unprintable books that you can hold in your hand.


But tell us if it doesn’t work on whatever device you’re on, so that we’ll know more about what works and what doesn’t and so that we keep doing our maddest to make it a very delightfully unprintable reading experience.

Google Creative Lab, Sydney do you hear us, Universal Everything in Sheffield too: thank you for making this with us.

We think it’s completely amazing.

A + B


*We’re crossing every bone in our bodies that you will.