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What with photographer Jacob Robinson trailing around La Mancha, Ali Smith introducing the book but not having read it, Jon Gray hand lettering away the perfect D and Q, Fraser Muggeridge and his team designing a Don Quixote font and typesetting the book based on the original Ormsby translation covering a whopping 936 colourful pages. 936.

Ridiculous and very long and completely overly ambitious, and only made possible with the help of our Kickstarter supporters (thank you all of you), and heaps of patience (thank you universe).

We have been in this Don Quixote fog for too long to have retained any real perspective and believe us when we tell you that absolutely nothing has gone to plan. But here is proof, literally and symbolically, that this bonkers beauty of a classic with our visual re-imagining is finally seeing the light of day.

Books are being delivered to our warehouse in three weeks, which means plenty of time to get them wrapped and ready and quite perfect, we think, for the holidays.

We’ve given it all so much heart and love and mean it when we say we hope you’ll love it too.

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