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Shuffling People Not Pages at V&A Friday Late


So we know we’ve been banging on about doing something at the V&A and needing 150 people to help us make it happen. And we thought it was about time we stopped being shy and actually tell you what we’ve been scheming.

The V&A have asked us to take part in their next Friday Late event on 25 November and we thought we might as well do something we’ve never tried before. Like bring 150 people together to read out loud.


We’ve got 150 readers (if they all show up), to read out loud from Composition No. 1. Each Reader Outlouder will be dotted throughout the museum and will be reading out from a different page of the book.


It’ll be up to the people who come to the event to create their own order, to find their own narrative by looking for (or no doubt discovering) Reader Outlouders in different rooms, on staircases, even in one of the bathrooms (come on, we couldn’t resist that one). If you’re around and fancy coming along, you’ll be given a map to help find your way round. And the order you choose to read or experience or listen to the pages being read outloud will be entirely up to you.

We like to think of it as people being shuffled this time instead of pages. And of course we’d love to see you there. If you can’t make it or aren’t in London, don’t worry, we’ll take plenty of piccies. And if you fancy being a VE@V&A Reader Outlouder, get in touch here. There’s always room for more.

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