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Signed Tree Of Codes Posters For Sale Now in New VE Shop


It’s pretty much a year to the day since we launched Tree of Codes, that “book full of holes” as it’s now commonly known. And our first title with Jonathan Safran Foer.

A real labour of love and an extreme example of creative collaboration, it’s fitting then, that we’re now showcasing and putting up for sale the limited edition, numbered and signed Tree of Codes posters. The posters are made from the original first edition die-cut running sheets in Belgium, they’re huge, beautiful and, well, full of holes. It all feels a little like a one-year-on book birthday party.

Sure, it’s taken us much longer than we wanted to get the posters sourced, marked, shipped to and from Bruges-London-New York and signed by Jonathan. The real reason though is way more simple: we wanted to give the posters a new online home, a proper shop (our first proper shop), with beautiful photographs and quality ease of use.


And we think we have that now. So, one year on since Tree Of Codes was first published, and just over a year since our dingbat website first saw the light of day, we finally have signed posters in our brand spanking new Visual Editions shop.

We’ve tried to make it as home feeling and functional as possible, we’re still tweaking and adding, so do tell us if something isn’t working in general or if something just not working for you.

Either way, have a peak at those posters, large and medium sized. You’ll have to get them framed yourself. But the one we have on our wall, simply framed, does look great in its hole glory. Sure yours would too ;)

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