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Tree of Codes: The Ballet


Making Jonathan Safran Foer’s vision a reality four years ago, with the help of the incredibly talented Sara De Bondt, not to mention the only printers in the world who would do it, Die Keure in Belgium, and Jon Gray’s cover design, has been a big emotional part of Visual Editions: a benchmark for how far we, through the collective creative power of ambition and can-do-ness, can push the boundaries of how we read and what a book as an object can be.

Being witness to that collective vision and creativity inspire a whole new wave, a new lease of life, in a entirely new art form feels, well, it feels pretty mind blowing.


We’ve been getting so many wonderful emails from people saying they’ve just seen the ballet and would love to read the book, to which we can only say that we would love you to read it too but the intricate nature and uniquely complicated production of this book means it is frequently out of stock, as it is right now. We’re working on getting it back in stock soon, to tie in with the production going on tour to NYC, Miami, Chicago, Copenhagen, Paris, and London between now and 2017.

And until then, hold on to your copies if you do have them. Hold on to your nerves if you don’t. Buy a beautiful original limited edition poster, signed by Jonathan, here, which is from the very first print run of the book. And watch this space for more book news.

And go see the ballet. It’s a very great thing.

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